The Bona Fide ~ Essays and musings that examine the perplexities of life, humanity, and the dilemmas that we all face whether we are conscious of them or not. I don’t have all the answers—none of us do, for there is no such thing as the absolute answer. What we can do is learn through reflection, and our experiences, and perhaps get a little closer to understanding what the meaning of life is.

In this space, I have decided to chronicle the Ukrainian conflict as we live through a historical period that many of us had hoped would never happen. After learning to cope with the pandemic of Covid-19, that still exists as a threat, the world faces a potential world war. Generations have worked hard to prevent such an occurrence, and while those in Ukraine fight for liberty, journalists risk their lives to report in real time, while others try to escape to safety. Many have died in the name of freedom, yet in this day and age that seems all wrong, where we realize what a precious commodity it is.

The emotional and economic toll Covid-19 had on the world made us all reevaluate our lives, where we had to look at what was important and essential. Now, we are faced with a world war, where again we must look at what is important in life. Democracy and freedom is often taken for granted by some, and the current conflict teaches us that it is worth fighting for. That is why the world supports Ukraine who wish to live in a more democratic state.

I will be chronicling the events for the future, and hope that this will in some way help prevent further conflicts. We learn from our mistakes and should not be afraid of them, for they allow us to grow a little wiser each day. When we understand ourselves, it makes it a little easier to solve/understand the human dilemmas that we face, and learn to deal with everyday.


Ex Libris
Ex Libris